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RetroN 5 Update

Retron v2.3 BETA 1 (2015-03-31)
WARNING: This release is a PUBLIC BETA, and as such likely will contain bugs. It is intended for those who wish to try the latest and greatest cutting edge features that we have to offer, while helping us identify any remaining issues. If you do not want to risk potentially running into problems then please stick with the latest STABLE firmware build instead.

This update may be installed according to the update instructions.

NOTE: This release requires RetroN 5 System Software v0.2.2 to be installed. Please ensure you have updated to this as per the directions in the update instructions

Changes since v2.2 include:
  • Cheat code support added for GBA games
  • SMS cheat code support regression fixed
  • Compatibility fixes for several Genesis games
  • Significantly reduced initial boot-up loading time
  • Added support for loading SRAM saves created by third party emulators (allowing the use of saves created on the PC)
NOTE: The cheat database has been updated to include codes for GBA, so if you are using cheats you should download and install the new cheat database from HERE
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