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RetroN 5 Update

Retron v2.0 BETA 6 (2014-09-18)
WARNING: This release is a PUBLIC BETA, and as such likely will contain bugs. It is intended for those who wish to try the latest and greatest cutting edge features that we have to offer, while helping us identify any remaining issues. If you do not want to risk potentially running into problems then please stick with the latest STABLE firmware build instead.

This update may be installed according to the update instructions.

NOTE: This release requires RetroN 5 System Software v0.2.2 to be installed. Please ensure you have updated to this as per the directions in the update instructions

Changes since v2.0 BETA 5 include:
  • Added ability to assign "turbo" button mappings
  • Split in-game hotkey configuration so that each combination of "system playing" / "controller used" has its own separate mapping
  • Removed requirement of at least two buttons for hotkey combinations
  • Fixed a problem preventing Genesis cheats from functioning while having fast cartridge loading enabled
Patching notes: You may now specify one IPS or UPS patch file to apply on a per game basis, which may be used to apply language translation patches, graphics hacks, or even total conversions. Patch files must be stored on an SD card (no restriction on the file path). With the target cartridge inserted, navigate to Game Menu -> Game Specific Settings -> Select patch. You may then navigate the SD card to select the desired patch to apply to the currently inserted cartridge.

Please note that as the IPS patch file format does not include any mechanism for verifying any data before or after patching, it is important that you use the correct IPS patch file corresponding to the target game. If an incompatible patch file is used then likely the game will simply fail to start. Many patch files for certain systems (ie SNES) expect a "headered ROM file" (usually it will specify if a header is expected or not in the readme accompanying the patch). If you are using such a patch then ensure that you set "Patch expects header" to ON in the patch menu. If you're not sure if your patch expects a header or not, try both options.

Game Specific Settings: This menu allows various settings to be configured on a per-game basis. Currently the patching functionality resides within this menu, along with some system specific configuration items for Gameboy and SMS games. Further game specific settings will be adding in future as necessary.

File manager folder manipulation: You may now also operate on folders through the file manager. To select a holder, hold the A/+ button on the controller down until the context menu appears. From here you can copy/remove as you can with files, except that when operating on folders anything you do will be carried out recursively. This means that removing a folder will delete any contents - so be careful
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