RetroN 5 Factory Reset Instructions using a Linux machine

Following is tested on an Ubuntu Installation, most other Linux’s or Posix machines should be similar

  1. Download the File
  2. wget
  3. Extract from zip, using the following line
  4. >unzip
  5. Insert the SD card you are going to use into your Linux machine, the contents of the SD card will be completely overwritten so make sure there is nothing you don’t want to lose!

    Find where the SD card is using one of the miriad of methods available to Linux users such as

  6. lsblk 
  7. or 
  8.  sudo sfdisk -l
  9.  are just two examples.
  10. On my PC the SD card is drive sdd. Notice you may have other devices like sdd1 sdd2 etc. You should use the Physical drive which is just the letters without any trailing numbers. in my case that is sdd.
  11. Now copy the boot image to the SD drive
    sudo dd if=boot-recovery-SD-fullreset-v0.2.2.img of=/dev/sdd

    Remembering to replace sdd with the correct drive letter of your SD card. Once finished remove the SD from your machine and insert into the Retron 5 and boot.