RetroN 5 Application ChangeLog

v2.5 (28 February 2017)
  • Added support for Sega GameGear and Sega MyCard games via the Hyperkin 3in1 adaptor
  • Various game compatibility fixes
v2.42 (13 July 2016)
  • Fixed NES/Genesis player 2 controllers
v2.41 (27 June 2016)
  • Fixed issue preventing SMS games from running
v2.4 (22 June 2016)
  • Various optimizations and fixes included, resulting in the unit running cooler and more stable 
  • Fast cartridge loading
  • Cheat code support added for GBA games
  • Added support for loading SRAM saves created by third party emulators
  • Fast forward modified to toggle on/off with the configured button combo, rather than the old hold to activate method 
  • Many game compatibility fixes
v2.2 (1 December 2014)
  • Internal changes in preparation for upcoming hardware revision
v2.1 (29 September 2014)
  • Fixed bug causing certain button mapping configurations to prevent games from starting
  • Fixed issue causing occasional video instability for some people storing saves on SD card
v2.0 (23 September 2014)
  • IPS/UPS patch support added (allows application of translation patches, graphic/level hacks etc)
  • Added ability to assign "turbo" button mappings
  • "Game specific settings" added, allowing certain settings to be configured on a per-game basis
  • Support for SGB borders added
  • Color scheme selection for GB games added. In addition, the correct CGB colors will be automatically selected for certain games
  • "Disable FM sound" option for SMS games added
  • SGB multi-player mode working (and Gameboy player/button mapping has been split from GBA in Settings)
  • Fixed screen shaking in some GBA games
  • Added support for SNES SPC7110 cartridges
  • File manager is now able to operate on folders (select with long button press) and copy/remove folders recursively
  • Screenshots may now be saved as either PNG or JPEG, with PNG made as the new default
  • Revamped in-game hotkey configuration
  • Improvements to rendering synchronization
  • Misc game compatibility fixes (King of Monsters, Fantasy Zone, Sky Kid, Youkai Club)

v1.6 (13 August 2014)

  • Improvements to cartridge save access stability
  • SNES mouse handling improved (fixes Jurassic Park)
  • Other miscellaneous under the hood improvements
v1.5 (July 14 2014)
  • Writing GBA EEPROM saves back to the cartridge is now supported
  • Fixed corrupt text in GBA Phantasy Star Collection
  • Added NES mappers 47, 159
  • Fixed NES Action 52
  • Fixed SNES Megaman X/Rockman X
  • Fixed Genesis American Gladiators
  • The MODE button on Genesis 6-button controllers is now supported
  • START/SELECT may now be configured via the button mapping
  • SMS controller support was causing problems with some units, so this feature has been disabled for now
  • Miscellaneous other compatibility fixes
v1.4 (June 26 2014)
  • Added system for auto-detecting configuration of NES carts for certain mappers (0-4), which will significantly improve compatibility with various repros
  • Cheat system completely re-done
  • Improved SNES cartridge detection logic (resolving HiROM/LoROM related errors)
  • Better handling of Genesis cartridge saves
  • SMS compatibility fixes
  • Fixed a bug affecting a few NES CNROM cartridges
  • Sonic & Knuckles "lock-on" fully supported
  • Added support for NES mappers 40, 82, 225, 232
  • Added support for SMS controllers
  • Added support for save access on NES MMC6 cartridges (Startropics)
  • Fixed NES "Top Gun"
  • Fixed GBA Dragon Ball Z games
  • Modified the default button mapping between the wireless controller and GB/GBA/NES to match the layout of the original controllers
  • Fixed bug preventing console region setting working correctly with some games
v1.31 (June 10 2014)
  • Fixed problem writing saves back to cartridge for GBA games using the SRAM and FLASH save types
  • Fixed regression that caused SuperFX games to malfunction after saving/loading a state
  • Tweaks to power control which fixes several NES/Famicom games that were previously triggering a "power error"
  • Fixed an issue causing removal of SD cards to occasionally not be registered
  • Fixed small error with button mapping display where + and - on the wireless controller were inverted
  • Added support for SNES CX4 games (Megaman X2 etc)
  • Added support for NES mapper 95
v1.2 (June 8 2014)
  • Greatly improved manipulation of Gameboy/Gameboy Color cartridge saves
  • Added support for SNES S-DD1 carts (Star Ocean)
  • Added support for Sega Genesis cartridge mappers (fixes Super Street Fighter II)
  • Fixed SNES "Super 4 in 1 Multicart" soft reset problem
  • Tweaked the overscan setting
  • Compatibility fixes (Super Metroid, Phantasy Star IV, Beyond Oasis)
  • Numerous NES/Famicom compatibility fixes (including improved cartridge detection logic and mapper support)
  • Several SNES/Super Famicom compatibility fixes (including support for ExHiROM and "SpecialLoROM" games, and better cartridge detection logic)
  • Fixed manipulation of cartridge saves on SNES "HiROM" games
  • Fixed a bug preventing a small number of Sega Genesis cartridges from being properly detected
  • Fixed a bug which resulted in scanlines getting distorted if the screen size was not configured to the largest setting
  • Added the ability to optionally display scanlines at the main menu in addition to in-game
  • Large update to game identification databases
  • File manager copy now checks if the destination file already exists and prompts to overwrite if necessary
  • Beginning of effort to support homebrew and repro cartridges
  • More reliable manipulation of the front panel LED's
  • Removed default mapping for "fast forward" feature, as the original button combination was conflicting with some games
  • Fixed a bug causing the bottom line of Gameboy games' display to be cut off 
  • Many under the hood changes and fixes